Begin Again: A Film Review (Spoilers Inside)

1. Begin Again was neither cheesy or overdone.
It is a rare occasion to find a love story that turns out the way you want it. With so many of these stories ending with the weak woman running back to her man because she can't do without him, Begin Again features a smart woman lead. I say smart because I didn't find that she was incredibly strong and independent.  In my opinion however, a smart woman is always better than a strong woman because she knows when to walk away without having to make it a statement. Of course being an empowered woman is nice but I can't stand when the woman in the story ends a relationship because she is a "strong, independent woman who doesn't need a man". Props to the writers on that account.
2. The cast was on point.
Keira Knightly's voice drove me crazy and so did her teeth. She should leave the singing to another associate and visit an orthodontist ASAP but her overall look and attitude played her character perfectly. When driving home from the movie we came to the realization that no one else could have played the part better than her. She just came across like the type of artist who wants people to hear her music and worry about appearances later. She played the type of artist who any true music fan would love.
Mark Ruffalo freaked me out a little bit in the beginning. I was crossing my fingers the entire movie just hoping that he and Keira Knightly weren't going to get romantically involved because it would've ruined the entire movie. Luckily, that never happened. Playing a drunk loser turned dutiful father and husband was a refreshingly real role for him. After all, the last time I saw him on screen was in 13 Going On 30 ten years ago. The performance was authentic and artsy.
For Adam Levine's first big movie role, I was impressed. He had the perfect vibe, douchebag appeal and frankly his singing was phenomenal. It was this Adam that reminded me why I used to love Maroon 5 so much back in the day. Although he didn't a particularly large role, his acting was on par with his fellow cast mates.
Lastly, Hailee Steinfeld made what could have been a so-so role an impactful one. Throughout the film you get to see her transform into a character that you want to root for. A girl with daddy issues and low self-esteem is a confident and secure woman by the end of the film. Another thing I found intriguing about her character was the relationship and chemistry between her and her on-screen father, Ruffalo. Relationships that seem genuine always make films more worthwhile because there's nothing worse than watching people pretend to like each other.
3. Most importantly, the music.
It seems that when it comes to soundtracks nowadays, they're either really awful or nonexistent. With so many of the songs written for and performed by the cast throughout the movie, you want to buy the soundtrack by the time you leave the theatre. All the songs are catchy and specific to the movie so that it seems that each track lines up with a certain emotion or story portrayed in the movie.

Overall, I found a real connection to this film. With such genuine relationships, thoughtful characters and music you'll be playing in your car for the next month, Begin Again isn't just another chick flick. It is inspiring and new. Creativity is everywhere and if it doesn't leave you feeling all fuzzy inside, you are lying.