"Wanna hangout?": A Critique of Modern Day Dating

Chivalry, although not dead, could use some help. I don't just mean opening doors or offering jackets but simple things, like taking girls on dates. I know, "date", such a scary word, but it really shows some effort. Remember when men had to court women? When they asked permission from the father because they wanted to just spend time with that girl? Remember when sex wasn't an expectation?
Dating is so easy nowadays. If you find that talking to people face-to-face is hard, there's an app for that. If you don't know how to ask a girl/guy out, there's a Wikihow for that. Our resources really are endless and yet I still seem to be unsatisfied with the outcome most times. 
The concept of "hanging out" doesn't put enough pressure on things. There's a kind of magic behind a first date. Even if you spend half the night playing 20 questions or texting your best friend under the table about how awful your date is, you can go home feeling respected because someone cared enough to take you out in public. It is the simplicity of it all that most people no longer understand. No games, just coffee and maybe dinner if your date is brave enough. 
"Hanging out" is a sore spot for me because from the start it gives you low expectations of the possible relationship. Most of the time you end up at someone's apartment watching Netflix. I love Netflix as much as the next person but where's the magic in a guy luring you to his messy bedroom to watch something that his parents pay eight dollars a month for? There's usually more groping than talking involved and all-in-all you leave not really knowing that person. The problem is, there is no pressure here. It is all too easy to get caught up in the moment and forget about conversation all together. It is much easier to avoid the awkward silence when you can just make out. 
This concept of a non-date also leaves things open for interpretation on both sides. No matter your feelings afterwards, it is hard to communicate them to the person you spent that spark-less night with because again, you don't really know them. One night of low expectations can lead to disappointment and unresolved feelings. 
Not to say that going on dates doesn't also have its disadvantages but at least when you are openly communicating with someone throughout the night you get a sense of where the relationship will go. At least after a real date, you can say that you truly did try to make some kind of connection. 
In general I think expectations as a whole have been lowered. Girls, the guy should pay on the first date, he should hold the door for you and make sure you make it home safely. There should be pressure on the guy to do these things even though it isn't necessarily the norm anymore.
So hold those "hanging out" guys responsible. Know your worth because if you're looking for something real, Mr. Bedroom Eyes with his unlimited access to pirated movies isn't going to give you what you really want. Going on an actual date with someone who makes conversation, future plans and pays for your meal shouldn't be something you write home to mom about.