Love Stories

Some are long, some are short.
Some have happy endings, some have tragic endings.
Villains, heroes, trials.

Love stories like Pam and Jim, Chuck and Blair, and Ross and Rachel make everything in your body feel warm. The right words are all eventually said, the grand gestures are made and in the end, the boy gets the girl and they live happily ever after. Meanwhile, you're in your bed, alone, watching Netflix and wishing that Big would whisk you away to Paris; hoping that some kind of handsome prince would rescue you from your doomed tower.

There are so many different kinds of love stories and better than watching them or reading about them, is actually living them. You're going to hate some of them. You'll love a few and get attached to all of them because you have a heart and you know what it is to feel. Once you've learned the mannerisms, the dark secrets and the way the morning sun always made them look a certain way, you can't do anything but store away a permanent file in your head of everything you once cherished about them.

Those that you'll end up hating will always serve as a lesson; something to keep away from in the future. And even though we would like to say we're over those relationships, we prefer to remember the happy memories because somehow, they don't hurt as much. I'm not an expert and it's in a moment of weakness that I say, we cling to the moments we want to remember. You want to remember the lines on their hands, the sleeping position you perfected together, the way he looked at you. You want to remember the car rides, the movie dates, the first time you kissed. No one wants to remember the lack of explanation, the sudden distance, the uneasy anxiety that came on when you felt things were starting to slip. No one wants to remember the pain of a broken heart. Remembering the good is almost reliving it but remembering the bad is the same. No one wants to relive the bad, time and time again. These stories are like the 50 Shades of Grey books; you want to throw them away but at the same time you can appreciate the value of it because at least it's a form of art.

And then there's the few love stories that you'll treasure. The few that took so long to get right but eventually, all the right words were said. They're the few, far and in between, that make everything better. The few that shock you and surprise you. The ones that make you a better person. These stories are like Nicholas Sparks books; heartbreakingly worth it.

I don't believe that you only have one grand love story.  I believe that you have to kiss a few frogs before finding your prince. I truly believe that chasing down the love you want until you find the perfect fit is honorable. You are the author of the story and eventually, the chapters will all land where they're supposed to, the plot won't have any holes and the ending will be happy. Only then, will you have written your best love story.