There's a fine line.
There's a difference between actions that provoke this gain or loss of trust.
It's a complex thing and whether you employ that trust on others or not is completely dependent on their actions and their overall being.
Sometimes not enough words are said. It can make you feel like a coward.
Sometimes you want answers but are too afraid to ask for them.
Maybe you don't want to hear the answer or you're afraid they'll lie about it altogether but when it comes to relationships, friendships and family, you can't be afraid to ask the tough questions. You have to accept the fact that you may not like the answer or that the truth may be too much to handle but in asking those questions and getting to the bottom of whatever is going on in your head, your bond is made stronger.

We all like to think that the world is rainbows and ponies and that if we avoid the hard stuff, it'll just go away but that isn't true. Feelings and emotions are complex and to file them away in a category of things that you hope will fix themselves is delusional. It isn't the solution.
Face your demons. Get the answers you deserve.
The truth is never something you should be afraid of; it should be something to embrace.