We are people and relationships change. I don't believe that change in a person is what leads to changes in relationships. Times change, circumstances change, but people do not change.

Priorities change. One day being the life of the party is a priority and soon enough school and the idea of a career comes before anything else.
Expectations change. It is easy to love something about somebody until you don't anymore. Sometimes the things you want in a partner change.

Half of life is about accepting the fact that change is the only constant. The other half is about doing what you have to in order to be happy. I think that everyone is taught that being selfish is a negative trait but is it really so bad to look out for yourself? Hearts are tricky and fragile. If you just go around handing it out to anyone and everyone, it may get dropped a few times.

It is no small thing to fall out of love with someone, but it happens. When the world is constantly changing around you, how do you stay in one place with a person unwilling to move with you. Life is not about staying stagnant and it is not about doing what will make others happy. I am learning to listen to the voice in my head instead of the voice my heart often attends to.

There have been so many times in relationships that I have failed myself. I have given up my expectations and accepted that my priorities were not where they should be. I have accepted being in a relationship where I didn't stay true to who I know I am. The minute you give your life up to someone else's feelings is the day when you start sacrificing your own well-being. You can try to please people your entire life and never feel fulfilled. You can live your entire life without actually living the life you want. To me, that is terrifying.

Create a life you are happy with before you pull somebody else into your storm. We should never have to sacrifice what is important to us for someone who doesn't understand why your values are important to you. There's too many people in the world to settle for one who won't try to be your equal.

Don't ever commit your life to making someone else happy. At the end of the day, it's just you and if you're not happy with the person you see in the mirror, you are cheating yourself out of the most important part of life.

In the past year, I have realized that everything really does happen for a reason. The universe won't always be on your side but you can bet that bad things fall apart so that better things can come together. Don't let the small detriments of life be the reason to give up. Just because one narrative comes to an end doesn't mean that there won't be more.