I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that you shouldn't go back to something that once made you sad. Today is a day of closure for me and I wanted to share this poem with anyone who wants to read it--anyone with a broken heart. It was written for a man who used to make my world go round. This is being written in a moment of weakness but I've never been one to shy away from my emotions. Enjoy.

The Lemons

Thank you for the weaving of arms
in the mirror
Looking back at us
The hum of a toothbrush
The intertwined limbs
Kisses trailed up and down

Thank you for the dopey smile
I never knew I had
The power of ice
The patience we never have
Months between love
Thank you for the persistence

Thank you for making me your girl
For keeping me
Closer than anything I've known
The spoons
The reading
Thank you for the Blue
Moons the porch that

Thank you for that Sunday
When all the right words
Were finally allowed
The cold breeze of a dark night
the continuation of dimmer times
Thank you for the vulnerable

Thank you for the smoke and
flames, marshmallows 
The cold and the covers
The dumb jokes you think are
accented with a pinch
The Shakespeare bust
The signed picture
Watching two people
Who can’t

Thank you for the fights
we can’t have
The silence we never overestimate
The sway of your palms
The light on your morning face
The reassurance of my faulty logic

Thank you for Mondays
Tuesdays Wednesdays
Our few and far
between days off
Rocks in the window
The tiger shirt
Thank you for staying
Thursdays Fridays Saturdays

Thank you for the 17th
when we figured it out
For completing me
Asking if you could kiss me
Thank you for
the crushing honesty

Thank you for making it here
to me
The interest you always piqued
The ice skates – our first date
The funnel cakes – my denial of a date
The are you okay?
The things we can’t fake
The heartache
The countless mistakes

Thank you for all the things
I can’t thank you for
The lines forming
because you make me smile too much
The kind of love
that can’t be placed
The love story
This story

Our story