I made it through 21. 
Here we are, 2017.
The year I graduate with my bachelor's degree.
The year I learn to save money.
The year I admit that maintaining bangs is actually really annoying.
The year I raise my middle finger to negative people.

Looking back at 2016, like everyone else, I realized three things:

1. The importance of having girl friends

I really hate when girls say, "I don't have girl friends because I get along with guys so much better." I am also a hypocrite. I can't tell you the last time I called a fellow female my 'best friend'.
This past year, I finally found myself meeting girls I enjoyed being around. With, which seems to be, so much hatred amongst girls, it is easy to assume that the girl you met last night gave you the side eye at some point, you're sure of it. I don't believe that women are naturally catty but we thrive on competition. Alas, I noticed that there are girls out there who don't want to sabotage you. Jealousy is a bitter bitch and I'm working really hard to tone down my RBF (resting bitch face). I have to remember that I could find a great friend who just happens to have a hot, rich brother that would marry me and make us legitimate family. I have yet to meet that friend, but I'm still hopeful.

2. I will never be a small town kind of girl

I just about ran from Scottsdale to Flagstaff after graduation; I was so determined to get away from home and go to a new place full of people I thought would "understand me better."  I definitely had to adjust to the culture shock that hit me my first year in this little mountain town. If you aren't already aware, I am high maintenance. I had always grown up in a home where the nearest Sephora was only five miles away. I kissed that luxury goodbye the moment I enrolled at NAU.
Flagstaff has been a great home the past four years. I did some majorly needed growing up and made mistakes. As the school and city has expanded, I find it harder to tolerate Milton, the fact that everyone drives (at least) 10 under the speed limit, and Rita Cheng. I pay too much for my apartment, the slush that sticks around for weeks after it snows freaks me out, and I can't find a decent pair of jeans in our too small mall. I wear false eyelashes on the daily and enjoy dressing up for class in a town full of hippies.

3. I may not ever find a man who loves me as much as my dog does

The male race is fun to look at. Dating and finding a guy who isn't a complete sociopath on the other hand? Not fun.
Get a dog in place of a significant other, they can't leave you.
(sidenote: when you have a dog, you don't need a man)

My cynical attitude is still in check but my ability to not let petty things control the way I see the world has become a skill I'm very proud of. Less stress equals less acne which means great makeup days. If anything is going to motivate me to spend less time worrying about the things I can't control, it will be because of my neverending quest to achieve perfect skin. 
All jokes aside, I have high hopes for this year and the motivation to not let myself down. I am an independent woman with savage tendencies and I refuse to let anyone try and take that away from me. 

Happy New Year