I moved back to Scottsdale three weeks ago.
I don't quite know how I'm getting along with it so far. When I start something new, I am unable to wait for results; I like things that come to fruition quickly. Having to wait brings up that whole overthinking thing that I'm trying to stop doing so often.
But I have somehow gotten and started a really cool job already while I see so many kids on trips in Kenya, Spain, Puerto Rico, etc. Hell, I've even had a few adults say, "What do you mean you already have a job? You're supposed to take a couple months off after you graduate college."
Wait, so you want me to live with my parents full-time and do adult, life things with their money? I think I'll pass.

I couldn't start a new job quick enough. I am now in a position where I get to dress professionally every day which secretly excites me. I am trusted to make commissions and am in a position with the word 'manager' in it. I'm being taken seriously as an adult for the first time. Graduation just meant that I didn't have assigned readings or papers due anymore. In the real, professional world it means that thick graduation plaque gained you entrance into a whole new world.
And honestly, what else am I going to do all summer?

In terms of my social life? (Insert me laughing      here     .)
I was trying to explain to someone that friends from high school tend to fade away when you move away for four years. Plus, I don't think I have much in common with my beloved high school friends anymore. But making friends at 22?
I honestly, could not tell you how you go about doing that.
Go to a bar alone and just start talking to girls in hopes they'll be dope?
Recreate the entire life I so carefully constructed since I was a sophomore? Bleaching the life out of my hair and drinking too much Smirnoff Watermelon turned out to work in my favor... somehow. The silver lining here being my friends.

Somewhere between nights downtown, Taco Tuesdays, hammock sessions, and cheap tabs at The Mayor, I found where I belonged. I have had such a tumultuous transition because I knew that it wouldn't be easy to try and find that balance again.
There's also the thought that this isn't my final stop. Do I do all of that juggling to possibly pick up and leave again in a year? 2 years?
It seems so trivial the more I write about it but there's a reason I've felt so strongly about leaving Flagstaff: I don't get to go back up to school when the semester starts in August.

So positives, negatives. I'm really tied somewhere in the middle right now. I keep working, going to the gym, reading. No obligations to anyone can be a blessing in disguise.