At what point are we supposed to stop following our heart? At what point in a situation do we decide that our head is the thing we should have been listening to the entire time?
Why isn't there an even consideration from both and why do we prize one over the other in relationships?
It seems when situations arise between two people who love each other, your heart will always lead the dance but as soon as you bring a third party into the equation--ask for advice --they only know how to logically tell you what to do. How do you explain to somebody that it's the way he looks at you when he drives or the way he pulls you in-- the fact that he might just be your soulmate.

We don't want to think about these things logically and yet, I ask for opinions and help deciphering such situations all the time. It's like somewhere deep in my heart there is a tiny voice screaming, "Maybe the head has it this time."

The logical response is to move on, there's more fish in the sea, "you deserve better." Every time I ask for the logical answer, I find myself hoping that they'll side with my heart. As if putting myself through the torture is going to be worth it in the end. But what if it is?

None of us are ready to give up our hopeless romantic ideals. Because what's one bad day, one bad week, when it comes to the person you may spend your forever with?

I have spent, probably too much time, writing a non-fiction memoir of sorts called Finding My Forever. It basically goes into my dating life in depth because at some point I thought I had seen it all. (Spoiler: I haven't.) There's categories of men and chapters full of 'fuckboys', emotionally taken men, and clingers. In other words, I have been dwelling on my past relationships for a good year at this point... in great depth. All of that has me thinking that I may have just found what I have seemingly been so desperate to find and that scares the shit out of me. I believe so deeply, in my entire being, that I am supposed to be with someone right now but certain things just aren't adding up and I am finding myself questioning if it is worth it.

Even more scary is that once you've made the "smart" decision and take your head's advice, your heart decides that it is time for a civil war. And now, I'm in shambles. From a distance, it was easy to take things the wrong way, get mad and upset about things that never had ill-intentions, but now... now I am running in circles of what ifs and regret. Part of me thinks that moving on was the wrong choice and that maybe I just needed clarity in order to move forward.
But what if I just need to wait it out and see what comes my way?
But what if this was the one thing I was supposed to hold onto with every fiber of my being?
What if I am strong enough to do this and what if this is exactly what I need?

Something that seemed so clear and obvious only a few days ago is suddenly crashing down on me in one heavy downpour. All the signs and events going on the past few weeks are all pointing me in another direction now and I'm just trying to keep up with the noise that's constantly inside of my head. Maybe it really is time to stop listening to other people and for the first time, probably ever, just listen to my heart.

What if those situations where we only utilize that one vital organ means it's right?